Summer Holidays Serfaus

Hiking, Biking and Enjoying on the sunny plateau

Enjoy fabulous holidays on the sunny Serfaus Fiss-Ladis plateau and waste no more time just dreaming of a hiking holiday or biking holiday in the Tyrolean mountains!


The TVB offers serveral guided walking-tours every week - our guests are invited to join the tours. The TVB also offers a hiking map of the plateau with all hiking trails.

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You are crazy about mountain biking and do not want to do without it in your summer holidays? Then enjoy a holiday at Apart Rubin! We are a quality inspected specialist bike hotel with a secure store-room, bicycle rack, washing facility, a facility for small repairs, wahing service (for a fee), info section, etc.  Chef Franco, who is a passionate cyclist himself, will be keen to help with words and deeds. 

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Holidays full of enjoyment

Panorama Enjoyment Trail, 15 feelgood stops with hammocks and beach baskets, leisurely e-biking or a walk around the beautiful lake Wolfsee - pure nature and relaxation!

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